Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Make your Blog Stand Out in 6 Easy Steps

Blogging has become one of the easiest ways to share thoughts, document experiences and make money on the internet. This is because just about anyone can create a blog in a few clicks and in no more than three minutes.

So with the hundreds if not thousands of blogs out there, what could you do to make your blog stand out? Here's how!
  1. Impress readers with your blog design. First thing your readers will see is how organized and impressive your blog design is. If you're thinking of putting a lot of graphics in your blog, DON’T. The lesser graphics, the faster your blog loads. A good header design is already sufficient. What you should focus on is the layout or arrangement of your gadgets/widgets. Do not make it hard for readers to find what they're looking for.
  2. Repeat and repeat keywords. You're not committing redundancy by doing so. Instead you are trying to help search engines remember your blog posts, eventually your overall blog content.
  3. Write something readers can't find in another blogs. That includes your reviews, your experience, your recommendations and whatnots. It's best to build a relationship with your readers, so write as if you're conversing with them. How? You can start by using 'you'.
  4. For starters, pick basic widgets/gadgets for your blog. These basic widgets/gadgets are those that show your profile, your archive, tags, and social media accounts.
  5. Update your contents as much as you can. You will eventually lure readers into your blog. You'll gain followers that will expect new posts from you every now and then. Be up to date with what your readers might be interested in too. They'll automatically search for your blog when you have what they want.
  6. Read other blogs for ideas. BUT don't copy and paste. You learn from other people's writing so make it a habit to visit other URLs. Take a step back if you find yourself getting more from other blogs than your own. That's the challenge in blogging.


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