Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to Setup a 3rd Party URL for your Blog

I'm posting this tutorial to help everyone in setting up a 3rd party URL or custom domain in Blogger - as well as for my future reference if I'd forgot the steps :). I too had a very hard time figuring out on how to connect my GoDaddy domain to my Blogger account. Though through searching, a lot of blogs helps you how to set it up. Most of them our out-dated and doesn't currently cater to the UI of GoDaddy's account.

You can simply just buy a custom domain for your blog and opt not to buy a host account. Just use Blogger as your host. Hosting accounts are more expensive than a custom domain. Like for us, we only bought this domain for only $3 for the first year and $12 for the 2nd year.

Step-by-step guide on mapping or linking your GoDaddy domain to Blogger:
  1. Go to "Settings" -> "Basic".
  2. Input your custom domain in the "Third party domain settings" box. Then click on "Save" to view the error and CName values.
  3. Take note of those CName values as these will be used in Steps 12 and 13, to link your GoDaddy domain account.
  4. Login to your GoDaddy control panel account. In the "Domains" section, click on "Launch".
  5. Click on your custom domain link.
  6. Go to "DNS Zone File".
  7. Click on "Add Record".
  8. Take note on A(Host) List.
  9. Step 10 will show you the popup box where you'll input the details below. You'll need to add these 4 details. This will allow redirection of your site typed with no "www".
  10. Click on "Add Record". Link below "AAAA" category.
  11. Go to the CName (Alias) category.
  12. Input the 2nd line values in Step 3. 
  13. Input the 1st line values in Step 3. 
  14. "Add Record" Popup window.
  15. After adding all values, click on "Save Changes".
  16. Go back to your blogger account view on Step 2 and click "Save" again.
That's it. You can check on the redirection check box to redirect site with no "www". Hope this tuturial helped you in setting up your new custom domain.

Kindly leave comments below for questions and suggestions.


  1. Awesome trick! I wish I am as techie as you. Lol.

  2. hahaha. thanks for visiting my blog, bdw. :)


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