Monday, July 21, 2014

How to promote your business, group, organizations in facebook?

In facebook you can only add friends up to 5000.  But what if you're famous or you have a business or you
have an organization and you know you can exceed that number of friends?
The solution is to create a facebook page.

Here are the steps in creating one:

1. Log in to your facebook account.

2. On the left side of facebook there is a label PAGES,  click Create Page. 

    Or Click settings on the upper right corner then click Create Page.

3. You choose what type of page you will create.
    There are six different types of categories: 
  • a) Local Business or Place
  • b) Company, Organization or Institution
  • c) Brand or Product
  • d) Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • e) Entertainment
  • f) Cause of Community

4. Next is to choose the name of your page.  You type the name and click Get Started to agree on Facebook Pages Terms.  

5. Then you set up your page. Type in the information of your page, your website, location of your business.

6. Next is to add a profile picture, you can skip this one and add picture later.

7. Then you can add the Page to your favorites.

8. And finally is to share the facebook page with your friends.


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