Monday, July 7, 2014

Creating your first program in Delphi

1. This is the page when you open Delphi 2009.

2. To create a new program Click File->New->VCL Forms Application-Delphi.

3. First shown is the blank form.

4. On the Tool Pallete you can see the components like buttons, labels, memo or anything you want to use for your program.  Just choose the component by clicking it.  As of now we will use button component.

5. After you click the button component it will automatically drop to the form.

6. The properties of the component is on the Properties Tab.  You can change the name, width, height and  other properties available.  This example we will change the name shown on the button. We change it to "Show Message".

7. The event of the component is on the Event Tab.  Just click on the event of your choice.  For this example we will add the OnClick event of the button.

8. Inside the event type ShowMessage('Hello World!');

9. To run the program click the green arrow on the top.

10. The program runs then click the button to show the message.


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