Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adding Tabs to Blogger

Have you ever wondered how to make "tab-like" pages in Blogger? First things first, what good is it to have "tab-like" pages in your blog? This is usually applied to organize and categorize your blog for easy searching. For example, if you want to view posts relating to Food or Travel you can simply add a tab for that so that your viewers can easily view posts about a certain category(ie. Food or Travel).

Here are the steps on how to create tabs in Blogger:
  1. Get the link of the category you want to use as content for your tab.
  1. Right click on the link and click on "Copy Link Location". Then paste it to your notepad. The URL/link will then be used in Step 7.
  1. Go to your Blogger Layout.
  1. Click on Add a Gadget.
  1. A popup would appear. Then search for "Pages" link by scrolling down the middle. Click the "+" button.
  1. Click on "+Add external link".
  1. Input your "Page Title" which will serve as the label for your Tab. Paste the URL/link you copied in Step 2 in the Web Address URL box. Then click on "Save Link". Then click "Save" button first to refresh the data and show your newly added link.
  1. You're done! You can change the position of your tabs by simply dragging and dropping.

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