Thursday, April 9, 2015


Bloggers know that in order to get more traffic for their websites, they should wisely utilize the power of social media such as Facebook.

At present, people rely on blogs for updates about anything that interests them, and so Facebook is also trying to meet the needs of these blogs for the benefit of both parties.

Here, we will teach you how to add a like and share button on your blogs in 5 easy steps!

2. Change what's inside the URL to Like box with the URL of the Facebook page you want people to Like.

3. Edit the width according to the size of the box you like to appear on your site. There's a preview of the Like Button, so you can do a trial and error on that.

4. Change the layout of the box. For example, you want the button to project pictures of the likers, you can choose the standard layout setting.

5. You can edit the action type of the Like box. You can add a share button if you like. You just have to check the "Include Share button" below the action type. Then get the code and embed it on your website!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


The INSERT INTO statement in SQL is used to insert new records in a table.


Syntax 1: 
INSERT INTO tablename
VALUES(value1, value2, value3, value4, .......)

***  The number of values should match with the number of columns for the table.

Syntax 2:
INSERT INTO tablename (columnname1, columnname2, columnname3, .....)
VALUES(value1, value2, value3,  .......)

*** This syntax can allow you to insert only specific columns.


Tablename = "employees"
Column names are: (id, Name, Department, Gender, Age, Date)
ID No.NameDepartment Gender Age Date Hired
1John SmithSalesM26June 1, 2010
2Jane DoeManagerF30December 1, 2006  
3Mary Lincoln AdminF24April 10, 2010

Example 1 using Syntax 1:
INSERT INTO employees
VALUES(4, 'Diane Park', 'Sales', 'F', 26, 'October 1, 2014');

Example 2 using Syntax 2: (Insert specific columns for a table)
INSERT INTO employees(Name, Gender, Age)
VALUES('Diane Park', 'F', 26);

Friday, September 12, 2014


Google Play Store offers android users a wide array of applications that range from browsers to enhancements to readers and whatnots. This makes it harder for a lot them to choose from the myriad of free applications available, because one cannot simply download every single app all at once.
To help you solve this dilemma, here are our top 5 apps to download before your phone starts warning you of low memory.

  1. Opera mini - This user-friendly web browser is specially designed for mobile phones and smart phones. Upon opening this app, the simple and clean look of the browser’s homepage will surprise its first time users.

    • Opera mini gives users the power to save their favorite web pages directly from their phones in a click.
    • It also enables users to open multiple websites at the same time and switch between them as they please.
    • Opera mini has a speed dial feature or a visual bookmark where users can assign numbers to their most favorite web pages. If they want to visit their favorite webpage, then they can do so by clicking on the page’s equivalent number.
    • It enables users to Copy and Paste contents from the internet by long-clicking texts.
    • Opera mini doesn't drain its users’ phone battery as fast as the other built-in mobile web browsers.
  1. Go SMS Pro - This messaging app gives you practical features that your android phones do not have at the moment. It has an interface that you can freely customize depending on your taste and style.


    • It gives users the freedom to choose and use free downloadable themes and fonts.
    • It enables users to respond to incoming messages directly through a pop-up window.
    • It enables batch actions such as selecting and deleting all messages.
    • It backs up text messages and stores them to a user’s SD card, email or Dropbox account. So no worries for those who change phones every now and then.
    • It can simultaneously send group messages to more than twenty people.
    • It can help users search for a person, phrase or keyword in their list of messages.
  1. File manager (Explorer) - Like computers, phones have file managers that classify applications and data into folders. However, there are some phones that do not have this feature. This makes it harder for users to locate and share files.

    • It can select multiple items to move, delete and share.
    • It enables users to sort and create folders according to their contents.
    • It helps users check on their downloaded files such as music, pictures and documents.
  1. App 2 SD - Sometimes it's really a hassle to transfer files from a phone to a computer just so one can store more files in an SD card. That's one problem App 2 SD can help eradicate.

    • It enables users to move applications from phone storage to SD card.
    • It can freeze apps to save memory.
    • It can uninstall, move and share apps in batches.
    • It has a clear all cache or data feature.

  1. Camera 360 - If your picture's too dull, and you think it would be better in black and white or sepia, then freely apply your desired effect in this image-editing app.


    • It enables users to apply effects into a picture while they're taking them, or apply effects into other previously taken photos.
    • It has a variety of color filters that users can choose from and apply.
    • It can sharpen photos and enhance their overall look.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


The SELECT statement in SQL is used to select data from the database.


SELECT columnname
FROM tablename;

FROM tablename

FROM tablename
WHERE conditions


Tablename = "employees"
ID No. Name Department  Gender  Age  Date Hired
1 John Smith Sales M 26 June 1, 2010
2 Jane Doe Manager F 30 December 1, 2006  
3 Mary Lincoln  Admin F 24 April 10, 2010

To Select all employees
FROM employees

To Select the female employees
FROM employees
WHERE Gender = "F"

To Select all employees and only name and department are needed
SELECT Name, Department
FROM employees

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Which is Better: Blogger or WordPress

Most new bloggers have been caught up with this dilemma - which blog-publishing service should I use? The two most popular tool that easily comes to mind are Blogger and Wordpress. Both has its advantage and disadvantages. It always boils down to one's priority whether you want good support, stability, flexibility or free-service publishing. Below are the different pros/cons, advantages/disadvantages of Blogger and Wordpress.

  • Free and easy to use - easy drag and drop changes
  • Numerous free plugins and themes(but advanced customization is limited)
  • Limited designs
  • Free blogspot domain name
  • Hosted by Google's server so site down time is rare
  • Easy Google Adsense integration
  • No FTP access

  •  Ease of use - similar to Blogger, you can sign up for a free account and start blogging within minutes
  • You can turn your blog into a hybrid website
  • Free hosting hosted by Automatic
  • Thousands of available designs which you can modify and customize as you wish
  • Limited to pre-installed plugins, need to pay for additional extras
  • Strict with monetization - Google Adsense or affiliate marketing are not allowed, although you can promote your own products.

This blog uses Blogger as its blog-publisher primarily for its ease-of-use, user-friendly interface and free service from Google which we are most fond of using. Wordpress is indeed good but we'll stick with Blogger for now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Make your Blog Stand Out in 6 Easy Steps

Blogging has become one of the easiest ways to share thoughts, document experiences and make money on the internet. This is because just about anyone can create a blog in a few clicks and in no more than three minutes.

So with the hundreds if not thousands of blogs out there, what could you do to make your blog stand out? Here's how!
  1. Impress readers with your blog design. First thing your readers will see is how organized and impressive your blog design is. If you're thinking of putting a lot of graphics in your blog, DON’T. The lesser graphics, the faster your blog loads. A good header design is already sufficient. What you should focus on is the layout or arrangement of your gadgets/widgets. Do not make it hard for readers to find what they're looking for.
  2. Repeat and repeat keywords. You're not committing redundancy by doing so. Instead you are trying to help search engines remember your blog posts, eventually your overall blog content.
  3. Write something readers can't find in another blogs. That includes your reviews, your experience, your recommendations and whatnots. It's best to build a relationship with your readers, so write as if you're conversing with them. How? You can start by using 'you'.
  4. For starters, pick basic widgets/gadgets for your blog. These basic widgets/gadgets are those that show your profile, your archive, tags, and social media accounts.
  5. Update your contents as much as you can. You will eventually lure readers into your blog. You'll gain followers that will expect new posts from you every now and then. Be up to date with what your readers might be interested in too. They'll automatically search for your blog when you have what they want.
  6. Read other blogs for ideas. BUT don't copy and paste. You learn from other people's writing so make it a habit to visit other URLs. Take a step back if you find yourself getting more from other blogs than your own. That's the challenge in blogging.